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Mr. Irwin said Mr. Fabian has been “appropriately concerned” since the probe began more than a year ago and that the defense has been cooperating with the government.

At a press conference, U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein called it one of the largest monetary theft cases ever prosecuted in Maryland.

He said it was exceeded only by the Allfirst case, in which rogue trader John M. Rusnak defrauded the bank of nearly $700 million. Mr. Irwin also represented Rusnak.

Mr. Fabian’s scheme defrauded his employer, Reston-based government consulting company Maximus Inc.; an equipment leasing company called Solarcom, in Norcross, Ga., and financial institutions, according to prosecutors and the indictment.

Maximus spokeswoman Lisa Miles said Mr. Fabian hasn’t been an employee at the company since 2004 when the claims were uncovered.

Sam Ireland, the senior vice president of the Centre for Management and Technology in Baltimore, supported Mr. Fabian and said he will continue to be CMAT’s chairman. A CMAT press release stated the accusations don’t involve CMAT, which assists nonprofit organizations in administering their services.


Woman found guilty of fatal crime spree

A North Carolina woman was convicted for her role in a Frederick carjacking that was part of a crime spree that left one man dead and one wounded.

Tahishei Harrison, 29, of Hope Mills, N.C., was found guilty Wednesday in Frederick of conspiracy to commit carjacking.

She did not plead guilty but conceded prosecutors had sufficient evidence to convict her.

Harrison will serve five years in prison and has agreed to testify next month against Michael Philon, one of two suspected co-conspirators.

Harrison, Mr. Philon and Mary Ann Webb, all of North Carolina, are accused of stealing a woman’s car in the Francis Scott Key Mall parking lot in 2004 after killing William Dennis of Dunn, N.C., two days earlier and driving his car to Frederick.

The trio is also accused of shooting another North Carolina man, Alton Smith, during a drug-related robbery that started the string of crimes.

The Frederick woman’s car was recovered in Florida, where all three suspects were arrested.

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