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If the miners are alive, they might be sitting in inky darkness, their headlamps likely having burned out. Wearing thin work clothes in the 58-degree cold, they could be chilled to the bone if water is seeping into their chamber 150 stories below ground, other miners say. Murray said each miner would typically have had a half-gallon of water.

At the time of the collapse, the six miners were working in an area with an 8-foot ceiling. Corridors in the mine are typically about 14 feet wide.

The mining company has withheld the names of the six miners. The Associated Press has confirmed five identities: Carlos Payan, Don Erickson, Kerry Allred, Manuel Sanchez and Brandon Phillips.

The men’s families were praying for their survival, one relative said.

“There are all types of conditions that could be in there for these folks … some little cavity, some little corner,” said Arch Allred, cousin of miner Kerry Allred.

Associated Press writers Pauline Arrillaga, Jennifer Dobner and Brock Vergakis in Huntington contributed to this report.