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“I like playing for this organization,” Brett said. “They have given me the opportunity to move up in the system. I made some adjustments. I have been swinging the bat good the last week or so. I want to finish the season strong and prove that I can play here and move up.”

Brown said they are encouraged by the progress Brett has made.

“He started to take off this year,” Brown said. “He got off to a great start in Hagerstown. He had a slow start in Potomac, but it looks like he is picking it up, which is exciting. It is special to have Brett in the organization, living out his dad’s legacy.”

Brett said the loss of his father really set in when he wasn’t playing well in Potomac.

“I didn’t have him to turn to when I was struggling on the field,” he said. “The field wasn’t really an escape for me then from the situation. I felt like there was a weight on my shoulders. But I pushed through that and had some people I could talk to, family and friends. I think once I started talking about him and let people know what I was thinking and heard my own thoughts, I got adjusted to it and was able to deal with it better.”

Still, after every game, Brett thinks about his dad and their phone calls.

“When I got moved up to Potomac, that was emotional for me,” Brett said. “I thought about how much I would have loved to call my dad and tell him I got promoted. But I know wherever he is, he is happy with that.”