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Elsewhere in football, the University of Miami has removed players’ names from their jerseys this season.

Fortunately, we’ll still be able to get their license plate numbers.

On the subject of the Hurricanes, a rally was held recently in support of the Orange Bowl, their home stadium, which needs $200 million in repairs and might be demolished. Sixtyfive people showed up — 62 season-ticket holders and three folks who thought it was a demonstration against Augusta National’s membership policies.

Let the record show that Tiger Woods won the Bridgestone Invitational exactly 48 days after the birth of his first child, Sam Alexis. (S.A. came into the world on June 18, and Woods closed out his eight-shot victory in the Bridgestone on August 5.)

Tiger didn’t come close, however, to breaking Jack Nicklaus’ record in that department. The Golden Bear never went more than 24 days without winning a tournament after the birth of one of his children. The specifics:

Steven was born April 11, 1963. Jack won the Tournament of Champions on May 5, 24 days later.

Nancy Jean was born May 5, 1965. Jack won the Memphis Open on May 23, 18 days later.

c Gary was born Jan. 15, 1969. Jack won the Andy Williams-San Diego Open on Feb. 2, 18 days later.

Michael was born July 24, 1973. Jack won the PGA Championship — a major — on Aug. 12, 19 days later.

(Note: Nicklaus’ oldest son, Jack II, was born in 1961, before he turned pro.)

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Colin Montgomerie was spotted using an umbrella to stave off the sun at the PGA. I’m confused. I thought his nickname was “Mrs. Doubtfire,” not “Mary Poppins.”

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