- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Our genocidal enemies

The editorial “Stopping the genocide” (yesterday) on genocide in Darfur is timely. However, it failed to highlight the behind-the-scenes roles played by Islamic nations and an ideology.

The murderous janjaweed Arab militia, the primary mover behind this genocide, is backed by the Sudanese regime, which is in turn backed by certain Arab nations in the Middle East. In reality, this is a land grab for Arab Muslims at the expense of non-Arabs through genocide — an all-too-familiar, ongoing Islamic conquest of the past 1,400 years. Because of this backing, one wonders how effective sanctions can be in dealing with this situation.

The very same Middle Eastern nations, along with Pakistan, are involved in genocide in the Indian Kashmir: killing non-Muslims to extend Islam’s frontiers. This is ongoing with the tacit approval of the Musharraf regime and is sponsored by Pakistani intelligence agencies and military. Extensive suicide bombings in Israel, backed by its Arab neighbors, are also a form of genocide, directed at eventual expulsion of Jews from the region.

There are Muslim Milosevics in the Middle East and in South Asia, and they have no difficulty dining with our leaders and even are considered “partners” in the war on terror.

At the root of this is our inability to identify and discredit an enemy ideology masquerading as a religion that actively encourages genocide of non-Arabs or unbelievers for the purpose of conquest.


Coram, N.Y.

Durbin’s DREAM

In his Saturday Commentary column, “Immigration counterattack,” William Rusher expresses grave concern that the open-borders crowd, which includes Sen. Richard J. Durbin, will incrementally circumvent the will of the American people on amnesty for illegal aliens. They will introduce small measures, such as the so-called DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, defeated in 1997, for illegal alien in-state tuition to chip away at the will of the people.

Mr. Rusher’s pessimism is expressed in the last sentence of his column: “Give up, Americans. Richard Durbin can outwait you.” No he can’t. Americans love their country more than the Democrats and Mr. Durbin love power. Trying to round up Democratic votes is more important to Mr. Durbin and his ilk than the future well-being of the United States. Damage to the security, culture, social-welfare structure and language of the United States is of no concern when you’re hunting for 2008 votes. The more dependent people are on the government, the higher the Democrats can raise taxes to fund their needs. Can socialism be far behind?



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