- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Swastikas painted at synagogue

A prominent D.C. synagogue has found three swastikas painted on the wall of its parking lot.

Rabbi Jeffrey Wohlberg said this is the first incident involving the anti-Semitic symbols that he has heard of at the Adas Israel temple. The synagogue is located in Washington’s Cleveland Park neighborhood, just off Connecticut Avenue in Northwest.

Staff members at the synagogue have reported the incident to police.

The swastikas were painted on a retaining wall at the far end of the parking lot. The symbols were painted facing a side street along the Conservative temple.

Pants judge appeals loss of lawsuit

Roy Pearson has appealed his $54 million lawsuit against the dry-cleaning shop that misplaced his trousers, shrugging off legal setbacks and international ridicule.

Mr. Pearson, an administrative law judge, filed a notice of appeal with D.C. Superior Court yesterday, indicating that he won’t abandon the crusade that has turned him into a symbol of America’s lawsuit-happy legal culture.

Mr. Pearson asked his neighborhood dry cleaners to pay him $1,150 when they misplaced a pair of trousers he brought in for a $10.50 alteration in May 2005. The owners of Custom Cleaners said they located the garment a few days later, but Mr. Pearson said the pair they offered him was not his.

He said the shop’s “satisfaction guaranteed” sign misled customers who, like him, were dissatisfied with their experience.

A judge ruled against Mr. Pearson in June, saying he did not interpret the sign in a reasonable fashion.

Powerball sales spike with jackpot

As tickets sales began to rise for last night’s $122 Mega Millions lottery drawing in Maryland and Virginia, tickets sales for tonight’s $181 million Powerball drawing were snowballing.

Since Powerball’s last drawing Saturday, about 250,000 Powerball tickets had been sold in the District by yesterday. D.C. Lottery spokesman Bob Hainey anticipates D.C. vendors selling about 600,000 tickets total before the drawing.

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