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“He has special skills. If he’s healthy, he can be a dominant player in this league.”

Said Cooley: “He had a tough offseason and had to rest, but he looks quick now, and he’s always had the explosiveness. He’s definitely going to pull a lot of coverage his way.”

But don’t use the word “pull” around Moss. Same goes for the other terms associated with hamstring, groin, knee and quadriceps injuries. To prevent those hiccups, he’s married to the ice packs every night.

“One thing you’ll be able to say about me when I leave this game is that I gave it my all regardless of the situation,” Moss said. “I want to be accountable for what I do. I don’t want to ever sit in the locker room and have people think I didn’t work when it was time to work and didn’t perform when it was time to perform. That’s how serious I take this job.”