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Insane immigration policy

We all have read about illegal aliens suspected of murdering three college students in Newark, N.J. last week (“Atrocity in Newark,” Editorial, Tuesday). In July, there was a report that two illegal aliens had been accused of murdering a 15-year old girl in Milwaukee, Ore.

It is clear that illegal aliens are involved in an increasing number of violent felonies and in traffic accidents causing serious injuries or fatalities. Alcohol often is a factor in these accidents, and often the driver has no valid license, no legitimate vehicle registration and no liability insurance. As noted in the editorial, “there can be no place in the United States for these criminals.”

Given this situation, as well as the many other problems associated with the invasion of our nation by millions of illegal aliens, it certainly has been good news to learn that the deployment of National Guard troops to the southern border apparently has been effective in decreasing the number of illegals coming into the United States. So why is it that the White House has decided to start pulling out the National Guard a year earlier than originally scheduled and to reduce the number of troops supporting the efforts of the Border Patrol by half? By this logic, if indeed the “surge” is working in Iraq, I guess it must be time to pull out half of those troops.

While the administration is pulling National Guard troops away from the border, it is directing members of the Border Patrol to build the new fences along the border. Is there no end to the abuse Border Patrol agents must endure? For years, the Border Patrol has been undermanned and underfunded . Border Patrol agents risk their lives daily trying to stem the incoming tide of illegals. Too often, federal prosecutors and even local prosecutors are bringing charges against agents who face impossible odds every day. It is unfortunate that some of these prosecutors cannot be forced to spend six months serving as uniformed Border Patrol agents. Perhaps then their eyes would be opened if they just don’t turn tail and run. Now, to add insult to injury, these officers will be detailed as laborers. When will this insanity end?



Crofton, Md.

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