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“After much effort, the level of China’s food quality on the whole is steadily rising, food safety conditions are improving nonstop and the order behind food production and sales is getting significantly better,” it said.

The paper outlined measures to protect food quality including increased random inspections, widespread closures of unlicensed manufacturers and restaurants, large-scale seizures of substandard goods and implementing a national recall system. Few details were given.

The Chinese government will adopt tougher measures to guarantee that no substandard food is exported overseas by improving surveillance in all steps of the production process and blacklisting violators, the paper said.

On Sept. 12, a ministerial-level China-European Union food and consumer products safety conference will be held in Beijing and a China-U.S. food safety conference will be held in the United States through Sept. 11-12, it said.

China is very aware of the potential risks to its status as a trading partner and as host of the 2008 Olympics, as it should be,” Mr. Grabowski said. “Changing public perceptions is essential.”