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“We have a good nucleus here.” White Sox OF Jermaine Dye, whose nucleus is 10 games under .500 and 13 games out of first place


D1SCOURSE: Patrick Stevens gives an update on college basketball scheduling.

REDSKINS 360: Ryan O’Halloran is skeptical about SI’s pick of Sean Taylor as the NFL’s top hitter.


1. Chris Samuels

The Redskins are saying the left tackle will be back in four weeks after spraining his MCL, but this could develop into a season-long issue/problem.

2. Dmitri Young

Personally, I would have embraced a trade to a contender that would give me a chance to win a ring and then re-sign with the Nationals this winter.

3. Kevin Garnett

The Big Ticket is headed to Boston to team with Ray Allen and Paul Pierce, meaning the Wizards slide down another notch in the Eastern Conference.

4. John Fox

Our seventh candidate to replace Joe Gibbs should he retire. If Carolina doesn’t make the playoffs, Fox is likely out. He could end up with the Giants.

5. Freddy Adu

Adu will be playing against the best in Portugal rather than the best in Major League Soccer, which will make him better prepared to lead the U.S. national team in the future.


1. It’s too hot. There isn’t an ounce of shade available for anybody watching, save the two police officers standing in the south end zone.

2. There’s nowhere to sit. There are no bleachers available, so arrive early to avoid looking at the back of somebody’s head.

3. Nothing much happens. Joe Gibbs isn’t a big believer in heavy contact during training camp, so don’t expect any big hits by the defense.

4. Autographs are tough to get. Because of where the fans stand, players have to go out of their way to sign for the non-VIP types.

5. It’s too expensive. Admission and parking are free, but it’s $4 for a hot dog and $3 for a bottle of water. Head to the swimming pool or movies instead.

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