- The Washington Times - Monday, August 20, 2007

Ron Mexico is trying to decide between bad and worse, neither option apt to help his tattered reputation.

That perhaps explains his reluctance to cop a plea.

The latest leak indicates he just might be willing to go to trial, a daunting proposition considering the array of forces lined up against him and a potential outcome that would be far worse than a plea bargain.

The feds have seven witnesses ready to implicate Mexico, including three members of his inner circle, and phone, computer and financial records.

Reasonable doubt is a funny thing, as we all know, but damaging testimony from a childhood buddy would challenge even the most gifted team of highly paid defense lawyers.

Money is Mexico’s only saving grace at this point.

Justice is hardly blind when it comes to the financial resources and the celebrity of the accused.

That is the system, flawed as it may be.

Or to put it another way, you pay for what you get.

And Mexico is in a position to pay whatever is necessary to strike the most favorable terms.

And so we wait.

We wait on Mexico to cut a deal or go to trial, with his career in the NFL on hold and in doubt.

However it goes down, he will be radioactive material to those teams that eventually may court his services.

In the court of public opinion, Mexico has been convicted, the evidence too overwhelming to ignore.

This is not the work of a small-town prosecutor staring at a stack of she-said, he-said papers.

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