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Campbell has worked with Cooley plenty. Wideout Santana Moss has missed little practice time, allowing him to find a groove with Campbell. An offseason spent with his nose in the playbook means the quarterback knows the nuances of the system.

The good news for the Redskins, of course, is that using caution with Campbell is an option.

Campbell is just the latest disaster the Redskins have narrowly averted during training camp. If their knees were hit at slightly different angle, the seasons of Samuels and Campbell would be over, and the Redskins would be looking at an extremely long fall.

The likely absence of Campbell this week will give Gibbs and Al Saunders a chance to settle the No. 2 quarterback race. Right now it’s a runaway. Performance should win out over loyalty, giving Collins (15-for-18 for 130 yards, one touchdown and 115.3 passer rating) the obvious edge over Mark Brunell (9-for-21 for 102 yards, one interception, 38.2 passer rating).

“Todd’s been very impressive,” Gibbs said. “In both games, when he’s had opportunities, he’s done a really good job. He has great composure, he gets the ball out of his hands quickly and the rush doesn’t bother him.”

Just as quickly, Gibbs praised Brunell for his two-minute drive in Saturday’s fourth quarter even though it included an inexcusable delay of game penalty and ended with an interception.

Halfway through the preseason, the Redskins are 1-1 and have issues with pass protection and the running game. But they still have their starting quarterback, and their retooled defense appears improved, meaning they have absolutely nothing to complain about. And they know it.