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Headquartered in New York, the Ford Foundation this month issued a statement saying that Mr. Kent’s accusation “that the foundation is un-American and that it supports terrorism is completely untrue and irresponsible.”

“The Ford Foundation would never support groups or organizations involved in violence or terrorism, and there is no evidence to the contrary,” it states. “The work of our grantees in the midst of conflict is aimed at building greater respect for democratic values, human rights and peace.”

For now, the dust appears to be settling. Then again, we were told by Mr. Kent’s publicist yesterday that the author is on a Mediterranean cruise until the end of August. The Ford Foundation, meanwhile, is busy announcing its selection of San Francisco-based media consultant Luis Ubinas as its next president, succeeding Susan V. Berresford, who will retire in January after 12 years.

Mr. Ubinas will be only the ninth president in the foundation’s 70-year history, though given this divisive and dangerous new age and with so many emotions running high, he will no doubt be the first president to have every foundation dollar examined under a public microscope.

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