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I remember confronting him while he was a U.S. senator about my anger over the dismantling of the U.S. Capitol Police Horse Mounted Unit. I told him that I thought this congressional action, instigated by a few select members, was egregious, and I explained the reasons for my dismay. He listened intently and heard my request to institute action to reinstate the unit if he were re-elected.

Mr. Allen is smart, street-savvy and personable. He can effectively mix with diverse groups of people and appeal to all ages and backgrounds. He should, without hesitation, get into the race and a win at the finish line would bring Virginia back where it belongs.



Warmers and fads

It is not often that politicians say what is real in the climate debate. Usually, they simply parrot the unfounded alarmism of Al Gore and the United Nations, hoping to boost their green credentials with uninformed voters. That’s why Rep. John Linder’s recent Op-Ed column (“Carbon’s upside,” Friday) was a breath of fresh air.

Besides being correct in his science, Mr. Linder displays the courage we urgently need from our leaders to stare down green extremists who would bankrupt Western economies for junk science.

I hope Mr. Linder will next take on Sen. Barbara Boxer, California Democrat and chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. Before the committee and in public presentations, Mrs. Boxer has stated, “the American people have the will to slow, stop and reverse global warming.” She even has an “Act Now to Stop Global Warming” button on her section of the committee Web site. Mrs. Boxer must believe that the public is completely ignorant or that no one will dare contest her.

We cannot significantly impact global climate.

The scientific foundation of the climate scare is rapidly disintegrating, and thanks to media such as The Washington Times, the public finally is waking up to this reality. That is almost certainly why Mrs. Boxer, Mr. Gore and others are pushing so hard for immediate greenhouse-gas legislation. After all, once the jig’s up, warmers will be disgraced and society will turn its attention to real and pressing issues instead of the fashionable but hopeless quest to “stop global warming.”


Chairman, Natural Resources

Stewardship Project

Victoria, British Columbia

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