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• The Maryland Department of Education last month announced grants of up to $10,000 to 24 state elementary, middle and high schools to develop or expand chess programs and instruction. The grants, the first of their kind in the state, can be used to create chess programs, to pay for training and supplies, and to defray travel and logistical costs for tournaments.

For more information about the Chess in Maryland Schools program and the grants, call 410/767-0034 or click on to http://marylandpublicschools.org/MSDE/divisions/superintendent/grants/overview.

• Quick hits … Maryland-based GM Alexander Onischuk, the 2006 U.S. champion, notched one of his best career results by tying for first in the 40th Biel Chess Festival invitational in Switzerland, which ended Thursday. Onischuk and Norwegian GM Magnus Carlsen shared top honors in the prestigious Category 18 event…. Ukrainian GM Vassily Ivanchuk, perhaps the hottest player in the world right now, won his third major tournament in less than two months at the 8th Montreal International last month in Canada. Ivanchuk’s 7-2 score put him a point ahead of Dutch GM Sergei Tiviakov. U.S. top-rated GM Gata Kamsky tied for fourth at 5-4.

Frank Berry U.S. Women’s Championship, Stillwater, Okla., July 2007


1. d4Nf619. axb4Rb6

2. c4e620. fxe5dxe5

3. Nf3Bb4+21. c5Rxb4

4. Bd2Qe722. Nxb4Qxc5+

5. g3Nc623. Kh1Nxb4

6. Bg2Bxd2+24. Qb3Rb8

7. Nbxd20-025. Qc4Qd6

8. 0-0d626. Qe2c5

9. e4e527. Nc4Qe6

10. d5Nb828. Rfc1Bb5

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