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Welcome to the NCAA’s latest self-created situation that only will wind up being a greater nuisance — the era of the “Football Bowl Subdivision” and the “Football Championship Division.”

There was no obvious reason to change the appellations other than to remind folks the big boys don’t have a playoff system. Is “I-AA” a denigration to quality teams in the Big Sky? An awkward new name isn’t going to enhance the quality of play or respect for recent I-AA champions Appalachian State, James Madison and Delaware.

From a strictly media point of view, there are three options to handle this:

1. Stick with the old, familiar terminology and technically be wrong all the time.

2. Wholeheartedly embrace the new monikers at the risk of utter confusion for readers who haven’t heard of the inane name changes.

3. Use the new terms but also refer to either division as “the former Division I-A or I-AA,” thus cluttering something that was expressed in far more elegant terms in the past.

Guess it’s time to start thinking about Football Bowl Subdivision member Maryland’s season opener against longtime Football Championship Subdivision member Villanova on Sept. 1.

Patrick Stevens