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“I think you know that clothes are important to me, particularly when I play golf,” Mr. Poulter say in a statement on his Web site. “If I feel good about what I am wearing, I feel good about my golf game,” adds the player, who has been known to wear purple and bright pink pants. “I wanted to create a range that would do this for you, too.”

Meanwhile, Garan, a division of Berkshire Hathaway, is using Mr. Stewart, who died in a plane crash in 1999, as its inspiration for a brand intended to make a splash with a rainbow of colors. Mr. Stewart’s family has given its blessing to the apparel line, says Larry Reiner, vice president of the initiative.

“The Payne Stewart name was always synonymous with color and fashion. It’s still a popular name today,” Mr. Reiner says. “He’s the only fashion icon in the history of golf that we can identify.”

At price points ranging from $38 to $65, the Payne Stewart Collection will be more expensive than Bubba Golf but less than most pro-shop brands.