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“For the past seven months, we … have eagerly awaited our friends on the other side of the aisle joining us in the blogosphere,” says Mr. Morano, adding: “We knew they wouldn’t let us have the blogosphere all to ourselves for too long.”

Mover and baker

Congress last week saluted one of its own — WilliamDavidCrudup III — who has just retired after 36 years in the House of Representatives.

It was Mr. Crudup, you see, who was responsible for the delivery and removal of office equipment for the myriad congressional offices — no easy task considering the high turnover rate of 435 congressmen, who come and go like migrating magpies.

“He frequently went above and beyond the call of duty,” agreed Rep. Robert A. Brady, Pennsylvania Democrat.

Still, there was more to Mr. Crudup than met the eye.

“David began working for the House in 1971 in the Longworth Bake Shop, where he served many of our nation’s leaders and foreign visitors,” Mr. Brady added. “One of his most memorable events was when he had the opportunity to bake a birthday cake for then-first lady Betty Ford.”

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