- The Washington Times - Sunday, December 16, 2007

Democrats would compromise security

Press reports this week quoted former CIA operative John Kiriakou as stating that the interrogation techniques utilized in the war on terror have saved lives (“Mukasey eyes ‘waterboarding’ as torture,” Nation, Wednesday). This makes abundantly clear what is at stake in the 2008 presidential elections.

As Mr. Kiriakou states, planned attacks have been averted by the diligent work of America’s interrogators. Under a Democratic Congress and president, those lives would be sacrificed simply because liberal group-guilt weighs heavier on the minds of the MoveOn.org-captive Democrats than the value of American lives. It is a sad reality, but one must consider if they wish to have terrorists and their threats identified and extinguished abroad or on American soil. At times, what must be done to protect American lives may not be pleasant, but it sure beats bombs detonating in our streets because extremists like MoveOn.org and Code Pink control our national security.



Bill joining Hillary’s team

With “Clinton to be [a] player on Hillary’s team,” and “two-for-one-deal cheer[ing] backers” (“Clinton to be player on Hillary’s team,” Page 1, Wednesday), I’m sure that those “backers” will be “cheered” when Mr. Clinton’s “play[ing]” includes such stellar performances as his infamous, last-minute, scathingly criticized pardon of fugitive Marc Rich. Will the “backers” again “cheer” for a “two-for-one” pardon deal following and doubling Mr. Rich’s pardon so that the Clinton-esque travesty in dispensing justice can increase and be plentiful?

Nathan Dodell


O’Malley controls Maryland School Board

I read a disgusting thing on page B2 of Thursday’s Washington Times in an article about the Maryland State School Board (“Grasmick verdict setback to O’Malley,” Metropolitan).

A quote from the article, “[Gov. Martin] O’Malley’s appointment yesterday of three more members will give him the majority … ,” clearly implies that the “new” board with Mr. O’Malley’s majority will do Mr. O’Malley’s bidding.

Why in blazes do we have a school board if they are committed to do the governor’s bidding? For that matter, why have a Senate and a House of Delegates, since they are committed to doing Mr. O’Malley’s bidding? They could all stay home, mail in their yeas, and save all of us poor taxpayers a lot of money.



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