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Murder rate nears 2006 number

The 275 homicides in the city this year is one less than in 2006, with 12 days left on the calendar.

The city reached the 2007 number Tuesday following the additions of two deaths earlier this year. One case involved the death in June of a 3-year-old boy. An autopsy ruled the death a homicide, but the case was not reported until this week.

The second case involved the death in September of a woman who was shot when she was 16 years old in 1999. An autopsy concluded that injuries caused by the bullet caused her death. The man convicted in the shooting is still incarcerated. Police are asking prosecutors to consider filing murder charges against the man.


Sequel made of ‘Snitching’ video

The makers of the infamous “Stop Snitching” street video are promoting a sequel.

In a trailer posted on a Web site, an unidentified man says the DVD will define what snitching really is. The first “Stop Snitching” DVD threatened retaliation against those who cooperate with police and highlighted the culture of witness intimidation in Baltimore.

Urly Media, the promoters of “Stop Snitching 2” says the new DVD continues “to show the reality of hard times on hard streets.”

A small child is shown waving a large revolver, and a man is shown firing into the air. A city police spokesman said the department is aware of the promotion, but officers have yet to see it for sale on streets.


Stolen wheelchair left at church

The Hagerstown Police Department say the wheelchair stolen from a man at a Wal-Mart store has been returned.

The wheelchair was found yesterday morning outside Concordia Lutheran Church. Officers picked up the wheelchair and returned it to Tony Faison, 23.

Police said the chair did not appear damaged and that they have a lead on the identity of the thief.

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