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Black Washingtonians, including returning ex-offenders who have unemployment rates exceeding 10 percent, may also have a problem believing illegal job-seekers are a benefit.

Mr. Thurston thinks DefendDC ought to change its name to DivideDC. He’s on to something there. It is definitely our goal to divide the District to separate the legal workers from the illegal workers, something D.C. police are currently forbidden to do.

Illegal employment of undocumented workers is the magnet that generates illegal immigration. The Rhode Island plaza has become the entry point for this crime in the District.

Anyone who comes across our border without inspection is guilty of a misdemeanor and can be fined and imprisoned for up to six months.

A second offense is a felony. There are also criminal penalties for document fraud. Employers who knowingly hire illegal workers are subject to fines and any employer who picks up a worker at the Rhode Island plaza knows he is employing someone the law forbids him to hire.