- The Washington Times - Monday, January 8, 2007

• The Rover loves that the BCS title game was played in a building officially called University of Phoenix Stadium. Not only does the aforementioned institution have no football team, it has no campus. For an entity that exists solely on the internet, the University of Phoenix sure has a superb 73,000-seat facility. You’ve got to love naming rights.

• Here’s an early look at the Rover’s top four for 2007: Southern Cal, West Virginia, Texas and Michigan. Louisville will take the biggest plummet among this season’s BCS teams (there’s a reason Bobby Petrino skipped town for the NFL), but the Big East will give us the Heisman winner (West Virginia running back Steve Slaton or Rutgers running back Ray Rice).

• The Rover’s modern-era four-team bowl bonanza would feature top seed 2001 Miami (Portis, Davenport, Gore, McGahee, Johnson, Shockey, McKinnie, Vilma, McDougle, Reed, Taylor, Rolle) opening against fourth-seeded Texas 2005 (Young, Charles, Taylor, Sweed, Pittman, Griffin, Huff, Crowder, Okam and Dibbles) with the winner meeting the victor of 1995 Nebraska (Frazier, Phillips, Green, Mackovicka, Peter and Wistrom) vs. 2004 USC (Leinart, Bush, White, Jarrett, Smith, Cody, Tatupu and Bing).

The Rover likes the ‘Canes in a waltz over USC in the final. That Miami team featured 31 eventual NFL Draft picks. A monkey could have, and as it turns out did, coach that team to a title.

Barker Davis



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