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We do want the world’s tired, its poor and its hungry, people who want a better life, but not under the existing circumstances. We want to see immigrants who have waited in line become citizens who have learned our language and assimilated. We want people treated equally and with respect. We want existing laws enforced, and that includes punishing employers who hire and take advantage of illegals. We want our representatives to bring forth incremental bills to fix existing problems with the laws that allow the continued influx of illegals. And we want our courts to be able to deport lawbreakers expeditiously and permanently. If it takes a fence, so be it. If we need a guest-worker program, create one, but only after many of the existing illegal aliens have gone home.

And to our elected representatives, you know who we are. Many of you heard our voices this week. But, shame on those of you who voted against your people. We may not have read the entire amnesty bill or any of it; most of you didn’t, either. But we’re not as stupid as some of you seemingly think we are.