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Planned Parenthood provides students with harmful information, teaching them that teen sex is normal and natural, as shown on its Teenwire Web site. It promotes the use of contraceptives, which can lead to promiscuity.

Planned Parenthood, as pointed out in the article, has a major conflict of interest, as it will “make money if female students go to their clinics.”

Planned Parenthood has a long record of failing to notify authorities of statutory rape as required by law when a minor is presented at its facilities for an abortion. Life Dynamics of Denton, Texas, did a telephone survey of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities and found 90 percent of them would cover up statutory rape (see If this were not true, Planned Parenthood would have long ago sued to stop the publication of this information. For reports of rape coverups in Arizona, Ohio, California and Connecticut, see According to the site, a young Connecticut girl had three abortions in six months.

Organizations that do not observe the law have a conflict of interest and provide harmful information and should be banned from teaching students in all states.


Silver Spring, Md

A question of sovereignty

In a letter to the editor, Roger C.S. Lin of Taipei, Taiwan, makes an elaborate legal argument against claims that the Republic of China is sovereign (“ ’Territorial sovereignty,’ ” Friday).

In my judgment, under the “International Law of Common Sense,” the question of at least de facto sovereignty for any entity is determined by the answer to the following question: Who exercises the police power there?

The People’s Republic of China may claim sovereignty over Taiwan, and Taiwan may technically be “an overseas territory under the jurisdiction of the United States of America,” as Mr. Lin claims. But the simple fact is that neither of those governments can so much as issue a parking ticket on Taiwan, can they?

In fact, the governmental machinery in Taipei exercises without oversight the full range of police powers from issuing parking tickets, to settling disputes, to imprisoning convicted criminals for life.