- The Washington Times - Wednesday, July 11, 2007

TNT gets ‘300’

The Spartans have brought their swords to TNT, which will pay about $17 million for the cable rights to “300,” Variety reported yesterday.

Warner Bros. Domestic Cable TV had talked to a number of other cable networks but settled on TNT when it agreed to take the movie for only a three-year license term instead of the usual four- or five-year deal, Variety said.

TNT also will allow Warner Bros. to carve out a window to sell “300” to another network, broadcast or cable, after the first year of the TNT deal.

In exchange, Warner Bros. will allow TNT to funnel “300” to its video-on-demand platform for a few months during the three-year term, a concession the network pushed for because cable operators like Comcast are demanding robust VOD spinoffs of every basic-cable network. However, at the insistence of Warner Bros., these VOD services will not cost subscribers any additional monthly fees.

Although “300” is laced with hard-R-rated violence, TNT said it will be able to edit out the most extreme blood and gore without harming the movie’s integrity.

One unusual aspect of the deal is that Warner Bros. didn’t sell other, less successful movies along with “300,” Variety notes. One of the reasons the studio didn’t have to include other pictures is that more cable networks are buying movies. Warner Bros. didn’t have to push “License to Wed” on TNT, for example, because Oxygen already bought a window to the chick flick starring Robin Williams and Mandy Moore.

TNT gets “300” for its first burst of multiple runs in September 2009, a few months after the movie completes its first 18-month window on HBO.

‘Kyle’ out at ABC

ABC has yanked repurposed episodes of sister network ABC Family”s “Kyle XY.”

The second season of ABC Family sci-fi drama was first seen at 8 p.m., then at 9 p.m., yet “Kyle” was one of the lowest-rated shows of the night, TVWeek.com reports.

According to tthe Web site, ABC will air two “George Lopez” repeats Friday in the 8 p.m. slot, leading into the premiere of another ABC Family series, the scripted fraternity drama “Greek.” The following Friday (July 20), the network will premiere its Jimmy Kimmel-hosted game show “Set For Life,” where contestants compete to win a monthly paycheck for one to 40 years.

“Kyle XY” will continue to air as scheduled on ABC Family.

ABC had no comment, TVWeek.com said.

Tori troubles

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