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In a statement this week, Mr. Richardson said that in the Spanish he grew up speaking, “the term means simply ‘gay,’ not positive or negative.” He told the AP yesterday: “It was a playful exchange between me and Don Imus that was not intended to mean anything, but if I offended anybody, I apologize.”

Fat target

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says obese filmmaker Michael Moore is a big-screen example of why health care is so expensive.

The former Arkansas governor told reporters in a conference call Wednesday that he hasn’t seen and probably won’t see Mr. Moore’s documentary “Sicko,” which calls for an overhaul of America’s health care system.

“Frankly, Michael Moore is an example of why the health care system costs so much in this country. He clearly is one of the reasons that we have a very expensive system. I know that from my own personal experience,” said Mr. Huckabee, who lost more than 110 pounds and became an avid runner after he was diagnosed with diabetes.

“I know how much more my health care cost when I didn’t take care of myself than when I do take care of myself, not only in terms of doctor visits but regular diseases, illnesses, chronic things that come up, monthly prescription bills,” Mr. Huckabee said.

Mr. Huckabee also singled out Mr. Moore for flying to Cuba in March for the documentary to obtain health care for a group of ailing September 11 rescue workers, the Associated Press reports.

“Let me ask you, have you ever met anybody when they were really sick say, ‘Oh my gosh, I have a desperate disease. Get me to Havana; I’ve got to have the best health care in the world,’ ” he said.

Sheehan banned

Cindy Sheehan said yesterday she has been banned from posting at the liberal blog

“I can’t post here anymore because my potential run for Congress is not on the Democratic ticket,” said Mrs. Sheehan, the antiwar activist who has announced plans for a third-party run against House SpeakerNancy Pelosi, California Democrat.

“If Speaker Pelosi does her constitutionally mandated duty and I don’t run, then I can come back and post,” Mrs. Sheehan wrote in a farewell post at DailyKos yesterday.

Meanwhile, Sen Hillary Rodham Clinton, New York Democrat, is making plans to attend YearlyKos, the annual convention of liberal “netroots” activists.

Mrs. Clinton’s Internet director, Peter Daou, wrote at DailyKos that “I’m happy to say that she’ll be there. I’m looking forward to being there as well — last year’s was great and I’m sure this time around it’ll be even better.”

Prayer protesters

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