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Opening the door, she was surprised to see the stranger perched on the toilet.

Police said she asked him several questions, including “How long are you going to be?”

He answered in Spanish and she told him she was going to call police. He left quickly, and police are investigating.


Metro to upgrade fare machines

Metro is considering a roughly $25 million project to upgrade fare machines in 86 stations over four years. Customers would be able to use their debit and credit cards instead of cash to buy fare cards.

The project will also include adding more machines in stations and a test program for touch-screen machines.

In addition, the agency will test paper-based SmarTrip cards that will be less durable and cheaper for people who don’t want to buy the longer-use, $5 plastic card.

Final approval is scheduled for the end of July. But even after approval, may of these programs may not be available for two or three years as Metro tests the technology.

From wire dispatches and staff reports