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It seems Iverson is more comfortable playing the cautionary tale than the role model. Even though the melee at Eyebar came during the weekend of his softball tournament two summers ago, there was plenty of clubbing left on this weekend’s itinerary. Following Friday’s media dinner, Iverson’s entourage headed off to a party at Love nightclub in Northeast. Saturday evening featured an official postgame party at Broadwater Mansion in Upper Marlboro, and the festivities wound down yesterday with a finale at K Street Lounge.

“Nothing happened at Eyebar, so we have no concern that anything is going to happen at any of these events,” Milstein said when asked whether the group had considered scaling back on the weekend’s nightlife aspect after Monday’s ruling. “We are certain that everybody will be acting responsibly.”

The roster for Saturday’s game was littered with celebrities noted more for their controversial behavior than their charitable efforts. Along with Anthony — who was suspended 15 games last season for punching New York Knicks guard Mardy Collins — the lineup included Nuggets teammate DerMarr Johnson, recently charged with resisting arrest after he was tasered by police outside a Denver nightclub last month, and rapper Method Man, who was charged with marijuana possession after a May 17 traffic stop in New York.

Golden State Warriors forward Stephen Jackson — suspended this week by NBA commissioner David Stern after he pleaded guilty to criminal recklessness — was scheduled to play but canceled.

After Iverson, who turned pro following his sophomore season at Georgetown, spent the good part of 15 minutes talking about the importance of education, a reporter asked whether the former Hoyas star planned on returning to get his degree upon retirement.

While Moore first said Iverson was “absolutely going to finish his education at Georgetown,” Iverson himself didn’t seem so sure.

“I want to fish,” said Iverson, drawing laughs from the members of the media. “No, honestly, I want to be a professional fisherman. That’s all I want to concentrate on after it’s all over.”

The inconsistencies are fitting for a man who has spent his career being a contradiction. While he plays every game of the grueling NBA season as if it were Game 7 of the finals, he also is notorious for his lackluster effort in practice. He is the team-first point guard who has won four NBA scoring championships. He has the wispy goatee and the ghoulish tattoos of a hardened, aging man but the skinny legs of a second grader and the biceps of a boy scout.

“I want these kids’ lives to be more successful than mine,” Iverson said before being whisked away for a private interview. “I’ve always said I don’t want nobody to be the next Allen Iverson. I want them to be the next them. I want them to be better than Allen Iverson.”