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Capt. Harris, 28, was a weapons-and-tactics instructor on her third tour in Iraq. The CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter that she was piloting was shot down Feb. 7 while bringing an emergency supply of blood to Fallujah.

Lt. Goscinski said she will probably be taken aback seeing Capt. Harris‘ name in Memorial Hall because it is someone she knew so well, not because it stands out among so many men.

“It’s sort of a beautiful, reverent place,” she said. “It has its own character and feel, with all the people on the wall who symbolize all the academy represents and what our country stands for. You can memorialize all the people that have died, and you walk around and know they didn’t die in vain and realize that their spirit still lives on because people can go in there and remember them.

“I’m sure that when I see the name I’ll feel the same way I do when I think about her almost every day.”