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America’s record against Islamic aggression over the last half-century has been dismal. In fact, America — focused on the Cold War defeat of the Soviet Union — has not persevered in the face of open aggression. The Korean War could have been a complete victory if Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s concepts had been followed; the Vietnam War fiasco was caused by lack of determination by the American people and the Democratic Congress; and the lack of a steadfast response to 50 years of Muslim attacks, beginning with the Suez Crisis of 1956 and continuing today across a wide swath of the globe, from Morocco to the southern Philippines, along with the weak-kneed approach of the Democrats (now joined by so many Republicans) have shown Islamic leaders that the United States has no staying power.

America is indeed fortunate to have a leader in Mr. Bush — “one man” — who has the guts to persevere when so many in Congress are giving up in the face of potentially the greatest threat ever faced by the United States.


Virginia Beach