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Air Force (Retired)


At this moment in the war

Tony Blankley was right on in his assessment of the Senate’s impulsive push to legislate the failure of the Iraq surge strategy before giving our military a chance to succeed (“The Senate: chamber of shame,” Op-Ed, July 11). Politicians never seem to let national security and war strategy get in the way of their agendas and August vacation plans.

Having observed the war from near and far, we are possibly at the most decisive moment. Now is not the time to be taking votes on quitting, but for buttressing our nation’s main effort and letting the results serve as the catalyst for the next strategic decision.

The surge strategy is working as intended. Civilian casualties in Baghdad have been on a sustained downward trend and the Iraqi people are getting bolder in securing their own neighborhoods. It is too early to claim victory, but before you know it, the French might even start sending troops.