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University acquires Biosphere 2 as lab

TUCSON — The University of Arizona has unveiled Biosphere 2 as its newest laboratory, with ambitious plans for climate-change research and promises to bring a new era of scientific legitimacy to the unique but often-criticized terrarium.

The university will start two new scientific endeavors to take advantage of the 3.1-acre mini-world and embark on an expanded public-education and outreach campaign.

UA will develop Biosphere 2 into a center for research, outreach, teaching and lifelong learning about Earth, its living systems and its place in the universe,” said Joaquin Ruiz, dean of the College of Science.

Originally built for $200 million as an experimental self-sustaining environment, Biosphere 2 was sold for $50 million on June 4 to CDO Ranching & Development, part of a 1,658-acre parcel already approved for the development of 1,500 homes and a resort hotel. The university will lease the Biosphere 2 campus, near Oracle, about 35 miles from campus, for $100 a year for three years, Mr. Ruiz said, with hopes of acquiring the facility afterward.

The $30 million in operating expenses and research funding will come from the Philecology Foundation, led by Texas billionaire and Biosphere 2 creator Edward P. Bass.


Kerouac fans mark ’On the Road’ 50th

BOULDER — Admirers of author Jack Kerouac celebrated the 50th anniversary of “On the Road” with a marathon reading of the novel.

Fans and some close friends of the late author took turns reading his most famous novel aloud Saturday at Naropa University in Boulder. About 150 persons listened to the cover-to-cover reading, which took 12 hours and kicked off the university’s inaugural Kerouac Festival.

One of the most popular books ever written by an American, “On the Road” tells the story of Mr. Kerouac and a friend he calls Dean Moriarity as they travel the country, including a visit to Denver that the city celebrates with a tour tracing his steps.

The stream-of-consciousness novel helped generate the Beat Generation.


Court bars woman wearing head scarf

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