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Said Weekley: “I hated that I said what I said, especially with him saying just a couple of days before that he don’t get no respect. And then I say something like that, you know, and it’s like, wham, here’s a slap in your head. … Yeah, I kind of stuck my foot in my mouth there, didn’t I?”

Frankly, Boo does that a lot, particularly for those using either the Strunk and White or Buffy and Trip scoring systems. But so far, Weekley hasn’t taken many false steps on one of the game’s most demanding layouts. Perhaps he won’t wake up this week and realize what this title means. Let’s face it, Sam Snead wasn’t exactly culturally enlightened, and he won an Open at St. Andrews in 1946. Why not Boo at Carnoustie? After all, that silly silver trophy would look mighty good dangling from the gun rack.