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Anathema to a free press

It is outrageous for the National Press Club to be involved in the throwing out of a reporter from The Washington Times from a symposium sponsored by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and held at the National Press Club headquarters (“White House blamed for ‘Islamophobia’,” Page 1, Wednesday).

It doesn’t matter if the National Press Club’s only involvement was renting space for CAIR’s symposium. If the National Press Club allows the censorship of a free press in its own building, why should anyone else care about advocating for a free press?



Systemic problems at the Red Cross

The Red Cross needs look no further than its own dysfunctional system for the shortage in the region’s blood supply (“Blood supply shortage at ‘crisis level’,” Metropolitan, Wednesday).

I gave my 155th pint of blood this afternoon at the Red Cross’s Gaithersburg donor center. I was first in line when the Center opened its door at noon and it took an hour before the staff managed to start drawing blood from me. When I left at 1:45PM, only five or six individuals had either finished given blood or where in the process of doing so.

I estimate there were at least 20 others waiting, and many others had left who could not wait. The staff could not be more pleasant and courteous, but the whole system is broken.

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