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No, Jim Bowden needs to listen to offers for Chad Cordero, Jon Rauch and Ryan Church. Yes, all three could help this franchise win two or three years down the road. But they also could be used as bargaining chips to land a couple of top-tier hitting prospects, the kind of difference makers that could help this organization win a championship in 2009 or 2010.

Bowden can’t just give those guys away. He has notoriously set the bar high in trade discussions, and he should continue to do that. Cordero, in particular, is a 25-year-old closer with 110 career saves and a budding reputation for his ability to pitch out of tight situations.

But if the Nationals are serious about trying to build a championship ballclub — sooner or later — they have to be willing to take a hit now for something that undoubtedly will help them down the road.