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Government opposes peacekeepers’ terms

EL-FASHER — Sudan said yesterday that it rejected part of a draft U.N. Security Council resolution to give joint United Nations-African Union peacekeeping troops the right to use force in their Darfur mission.

The draft resolution introduced by Britain and France is aimed at sending 26,000 troops to Sudan’s arid western region in a deal pressed on Khartoum after months of talks, threats and negotiations.

Interior Minister Zubeir Bashir Taha said Western governments appeared to have misinterpreted Khartoum’s acceptance of the mission that would allow foreign troops into Sudan.


Bill Clinton begins anti-malaria program

DAR ES SALAAM — Former U.S. President Bill Clinton inaugurated a program yesterday to make subsidized malaria drugs available in Tanzania in a test scheme that could serve as a blueprint for Africa as a whole.

The project will make life-saving ACT drugs available at 90 percent less than the current market price to a national drug wholesaler, which will then distribute them to rural shops.

Modern artemisinin combination therapy (ACT) drugs are far more effective than older treatments such as chloroquine, but a price of up to $8 to $10 per treatment puts them out of reach for many people.

From wire dispatches and staff reports