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Mainly, Angelos has wrecked the Orioles by ignoring the advice of his baseball people and changing them as often as some people change underwear. Everybody this side of George Steinbrenner knows you have to build strong franchises from the ground up rather than seeking futile quick fixes by hurling big bucks at whatever free agents are out there. Everybody except Angelos, that is.

I feel sorriest for executive vice president Mike Flanagan, who remembers when the so-called “Oriole Way” meant absolute success rather than abject failure. The former Cy Young Award winner is a throwback to the Os of Brooks, Frank, Earl, Pancakes, Boog, Davey and both Cals, Senior and Junior. I wonder what goes through his mind these days as he takes orders from a boss who knows more about asbestos than baseball.

Truly this weekend will be a mixed bag for Orioles fans. On Sunday afternoon, Ripken Jr. will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame as perhaps 15,000 faithful eyewitnesses choose to honor the past rather than mourn the moment. It will be a happy moment and a sad one, all at he same time.

Peter Angelos as the fourth-worst owner in baseball? Maybe all those fans inundating Cooperstown in black and orange should hoist copies of Sports Illustrated to the skies — and rip them to shreds.