- The Washington Times - Wednesday, July 25, 2007



Police chase suspects on horseback — again

It was like a scene out of an old Western, with lawmen in hot pursuit of outlaws on horseback.

Only this time, the pursuers were in police cruisers, and the chase was through a subdivision.

It all started about 10:30 p.m. Saturday when several people asked a man to stop urinating against the side of a Culpeper convenience store because children were present, town police Sgt. Scott Jenkins said.

Witnesses told police that the man cursed to those who complained, went into the store, then came out and mounted his horse and charged toward the group.

When Officer Jeff Dodson arrived, witnesses told him that the man and a woman had departed on horseback. When Officer Dodson found them on a residential street, the riders took off through a back yard, Sgt. Jenkins said.

The man apparently didn’t see a utility pole guy wire in the dark. He rode into the wire, which knocked him to the ground. The woman also fell off.

Eric Kyff, 39, and Lauren Allen, 27, were charged with riding a horse on a highway after dark without proper reflective material, being drunk in public and obstruction of justice. Mr. Kyff also was charged with attempted unlawful wounding.

It was not the riders’ first clash with the law. At about midnight May 24 the two — again on horseback — were arrested on public drunkenness and railroad-trespassing charges. Miss Allen paid a $25 fine and Mr. Kyff a $100 fine, according to court documents.



Threats against judge tied to earlier dispute

Court records show that a Cumberland man’s threats against a district court judge and several other people stemmed from a dispute with the managers of a trailer park.

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