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Asked why he referred to the rifle as his “baby,” Mr. Townsend explained, “I wanted a bold statement and I wanted it to be effective — to stick in your mind and stay there.”


Contrary to an item in this column Monday, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting “does not run” National Public Radio, a network executive writes to Inside Politics.

“The CPB allocates federal funding to public broadcasting; it does not run NPR, PBS or any public radio or TV station,” said Andi Sporkin, NPR’s vice president for communications. “The CPB has no influence in public broadcasting content — a subject that has been covered at length by The Washington Times. NPR is not ‘federally subsidized.’ The majority of the federal funding distributed by the CPB goes to the independent local TV and radio stations for their annual operating costs. NPR gets less than 1 percent of its annual budget from CPB funding and this is solely through competitive grants for programs. The remaining 99 percent of our budget comes from station fees, corporate underwriting, private and community foundations and individual donor support.”

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