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We’re always anxious to open Congressional Quarterly’s updated political bible, the newest titled: “CQ’s Politics in America 2008: The 110th Congress.”

Political junkies will find that the new volume consists of 1,212 pages featuring in-depth profiles of members of Congress, election results, congressional district snapshots and key votes. Then there’s an intriguing compilation of trivia.

Did you know, for instance, that New Hampshire Republican Sen. Judd Gregg, Wisconsin Republican Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. and California Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy are all lottery winners?

Mr. Gregg donated a portion of his $853,492 in winnings to a charity. Mr. Sensenbrenner put his $250,000 toward charities and investments. And Mr. McCarthy invested the $5,000 proceeds from his scratch-off ticket to open “Kevin O’s Deli.”

Average Joe to Rudy

Given positive reviews from the first-ever CNN/YouTube debate in South Carolina this week, the Republican Party of Florida says it’s delighted to be partner for a similar upcoming debate between Republican presidential candidates.

The two-hour debate, featuring questions from ordinary Americans via the YouTube Internet video site, will take place on Sept. 17 in St. Petersburg, Fla. CNN’s Anderson Cooper will once again moderate.

YouTube co-founder Steve Chen says the new format “is an incredibly tangible and personal medium for political discussion.”

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