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Indian groups stage protests

TORONTO — Canadian aboriginal groups staged protests across the country last week to bring attention to poverty, health and social problems facing Indians living on and off the country’s reservations.

In Ottawa, an estimated 1,000 people followed a ceremonial drummer through the capital to an island in the Ottawa River. Tents were set up on Parliament Hill.

“We want our people to be treated with dignity and respect. We are looking for the basic necessities of life that come with being Canadian,” said Phil Fontaine, national chief of the Assembly of First Nations.

Rallies were also held in Vancouver, Toronto and other communities.


Teens uncover vast whale fossil cache

LOS MAITENES — Chilean teenagers on a field trip have found what experts say could be a treasure trove of fossils from whales that died millions of years ago.

Students from a school in Concon, a town on the Pacific coast, found the fossils last month in the hills near the village of Los Maitenes, nearly four miles from the sea and 100 miles from the capital, Santiago.

They found fossilized jawbones, backbones and ribs of four whales that scientists say likely died 5 million years ago. Geologists expect to find more whale fossils in the area.

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