- The Washington Times - Monday, July 30, 2007


Soldier recalls Tillman’s death

SAN FRANCISCO — As bullets flew above their heads, the young soldier at Pat Tillman’s side started praying.

“I thought I was praying to myself, but I guess he heard me,” Sgt. Bryan O’Neal recalled Saturday in an interview with the Associated Press. “He said something like, ‘Hey, O’Neal, why are you praying? God can’t help us now.’ ”

Mr. Tillman’s intent, Sgt. O’Neal said, was to “more or less put my mind straight about what was going on at the moment.”

“He said, ‘I’ve got an idea to help get us out of this,’ ” said Sgt. O’Neal, who was an 18-year-old Army Ranger in Mr. Tillman’s unit when the former NFL player was killed by friendly fire in April 2004 in Afghanistan.

Sgt. O’Neal said Mr. Tillman, a corporal, threw a smoke grenade to identify them to fellow soldiers who were firing at them. Mr. Tillman was waving his arms shouting “Cease fire, friendlies, I am Pat [expletive] Tillman, [expletive]!” again and again when he was killed, Sgt. O’Neal said.


Helicopter, horse begin roundup

MURPHY — A helicopter and a horse specially trained to lure mustangs into a pen are being used by the Bureau of Land Management to round up wild horses in Owyhee County. The regular event reduces mustang numbers so they don’t overgraze areas slated for livestock.

Officials hope to capture 296 horses by next month, when an adoption event is planned near Boise.


Town sets sights on big ketchup packet

COLLINSVILLE — First came the world’s largest ketchup bottle.

Now this southern Illinois community is after the record for the world’s largest ketchup packet.

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