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Spielberg could have another Private Ryan-like epic in him, and who wouldn’t want to be cast in an art form that makes the stunning revelation that war is fairly awful?

At least Tom Hanks’ character was able to fire a pistol as a tank made its way to him.

The tank man of Tiananmen Square was not even packing a light arm.

Maybe Spielberg missed the tank man’s showdown with the Chinese government.

Spielberg fired off a letter to China President Hu Jintao after the Farrow op-ed piece, asking China to “pressure the Sudanese government to accept the entrance of United Nations peacekeepers to protect the victims of genocide in Darfur.”

His spokesman recently released the contents of the letter and let it be known Spielberg could leave his post with the Beijing Games if the Chinese government does not mend its ways.

While Spielberg is on the subject of improving China’s behavior, he might as well add Tibet and Taiwan to his list of conditions.

If China is unable to persuade Sudan to be nice to Darfur, then Spielberg will have no choice but to quit and Angelina Jolie will be forced to speak out anew in defense of the region.

And that potential outcome will not help Start Loving, the name-change man who maintains a lonely vigil outside the Sudanese Embassy on Massachusetts Avenue in Northwest, with two massive placards draped on his shoulders.

Loving wants everyone to start loving in Darfur.

Perhaps then he could move to the front of another country’s embassy to do what he does, and Spielberg could resume his Beijing relationship in peace.