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Mr. Fenty and Mr. O’Malley would better serve their constituents if they would crack down on criminals and leave the law-abiding firearm owner alone.



Through the back door

The article “Virginia’s bid for help with illegals nixed” (Page 1, yesterday) brings an outrage to the attention of the public: The federal government claims not to have the resources to aid the state in providing training so prison personnel will be able to begin deportation procedures for those in the justice system who are found to be in this country illegally.

We have spent a staggering half-trillion dollars on the occupation of Iraq so that, in the president’s words, we will not have to fight the terrorists over here. At the same time, we are told that no resources are available to ensure that government gets the upper hand in the war against illegal aliens, which we already are fighting “over here.”

Those who broke into our country through the back door, as we estimate approximately 12 million people already living here have done, have every reason to believe that even if a comprehensive immigration bill is passed, the federal government has no intention of carrying out its provisions for enforcement.

Is it any wonder that responsive, sensible, and courageous officials such as Hazelton, Pa., Mayor Louis J. Barletta, who are accountable to the people, have sought to enforce immigration law on the local level as the feds turn their backs on the citizenry?


Upper Saint Clair, Pa.

Peace at any price

Chuck Woolery’s rebuttal (“Global rule of law, not law of force,” Letters, Sunday) to ThomasSowell’scolumn “Morally paralyzed” (Commentary, Thursday) is coming from some world that I do not recognize. His claim that humanity has chosen the “rule of force” over the “rule of law” does not compute.

Laws mean nothing unless they are backed up by force. Our current illegal immigration crisis is a perfect example. Mr. Woolery proposes development of a global rule of law that would “eliminate war as a means of solving problems.” How could that be enforced without involving war?

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