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Its stew could not be detected by the testing tools of the time.

Free will is an awfully hard concept to accept around those who commit heinous acts.

Somehow, someone other than the victimizer is partially responsible for the evil that lurks in the person’s heart.

“Today” host Meredith Viera indicted McMahon before posing a question to him last week, as earnest media types are prone to do.

“You make tons of money off these people,” she said. “What is your responsibility to them?”

Making tons of money apparently is only permissible if you are sitting in a television studio.

By Viera’s logic, perhaps McMahon should add surrogate father to his list of responsibilities.

Look, no one should want a son or daughter growing up to become one of McMahon’s stooges in his freak shows.

But people make those decisions every day.

And when they do, it is hard to be sympathetic to those who discover that McMahon is not necessarily a good guy or a fair business person or that the culture of wrestling is unseemly.

When busty Chyna attacks McMahon, you feel compelled to ask: Why did you elect to curl up with a snake when you knew it could bite?

There is something called personal accountability, quaint as that notion is today.

Something bad happens nowadays, and the inclination is to cast a net of blame.

Unless authorities can place McMahon in Benoit’s home at the time of the murder-suicide or show that he coerced Benoit into becoming a professional wrestler years ago, then it is all on Benoit.

He chose to be in the culture of professional wrestling and everything that goes with it.

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