In HR chase, bigger heads will prevail

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San Francisco is a state of mind, especially if you are high on peyote.

It is the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love in San Francisco, and a momentous occasion it is for those not dead from the drugs, sex and questionable hygiene habits of the time.

Jim Morrison won’t be there. Or is it Val Kilmer who is dead?

Anyway, this is the summer of Bonds, like it or not, and the hardliners unable to enter the post-BALCO stage of their lives do not like it.

The passion of both sides — the Jones-like sect that curtsies before Bonds and the BALCO-obsessed armed with an asterisk — is astonishing.

You might think the ardor would have ebbed with time, annoying All-Star vote or not.

Bonds likely would have made the team anyway, either with the consent of the players or manager Tony La Russa.

In any case, Bonds is not expected to be around much longer than the time it takes to pass Aaron, his sole purpose now on creaky 42-year-old knees.

The Hall of Fame voters will have five years to consider whether he is worthy enough, as he undoubtedly was before employing the cream and the clear. He was a complete player in a way Mark McGwire was not on his best day.

That is a fundamental truth, not a sign of forgiveness, and no forgiving in sight from Aaron and Selig.

A poll shows the public to be almost evenly split on Bonds overtaking Aaron, no surprise, really, given the nation is evenly split on almost all subjects.

The Supreme Court probably would vote 5-4 on Bonds, either for or against, not sure which.

In that context, Bonds perfectly reflects the times.

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