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I’ve got to believe there’s a connection between the Michael Vick/dog fighting scandal and Bob Barker’s recent retirement.

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Does it bug anybody else to read a headline that says, “Clemens first since 1963 to earn 350 wins”?

I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Clemens also the first since ‘63 — that is, since Warren Spahn — to earn 349 wins … and 348 … and 347 … and 346 … and 330 (at which point he passed Steve Carlton on the all-time list)?

Enough already.

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There’s no truth to the rumor the Joey Chestnut-Takeru Kobayashi frankfest was refereed by Wyatt Burp.

But it should have been.

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News item: A former volunteer fireman who was arrested in a Mason, Ohio, park dressed in a woman’s wig and bikini has accepted a plea deal that drops the charge of public indecency.

Comment: This clears the way for him to appear in next year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

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And finally …

He might even land a guest spot on that new reality series, “I’ve Got Nothing To Wear.”