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The $10 million Reagan Ranch Center, a four-story Spanish-mission-style stucco facility in downtown Santa Barbara, is known as “the schoolhouse for Reaganism.”

YAF purchased the Reagan Ranch, 20 miles north of the city, in 1998. The ranch’s remote location in the Santa Ynez Mountains and YAF’s desire to preserve its historic condition — with just a 1,500-square-foot adobe house — led the organization to seek a nearby facility for offices, classrooms, a theater and a museum, Mr. Coffin explained.

Opened last year two blocks from the Pacific Ocean, the center is dedicated to “preserving Ronald Reagan’s ideas and communicating them to the next generation of conservative leaders,” Mr. Coffin said.

Among the center’s most cherished exhibits is an 11-foot-by-4-foot slab of graffiti-covered concrete — part of the Berlin Wall that Mr. Reagan said to “tear down.”