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Honor thy father

In accordance with a joint resolution of the Congress approved in 1972, President Bush hereby proclaims this Sunday, June 17, 2007, as Father’s Day.

“I encourage all Americans to express admiration and appreciation to fathers for their many contributions to our nation’s children,” said Mr. Bush, calling on children to observe this day for their fathers with appropriate programs, ceremonies and activities.

The president says all Americans should especially be grateful to the many dads who are serving their country as members of the armed forces, “and we lift them and their loved ones up in prayer.”

Poor dad

“I’ve been poor since the day of my birth

And may die with a negative worth;

Though I live on the skids,

With my wonderful kids,

I’m the wealthiest man on the Earth!”

F.R. Duplantier, who sends Happy Father’s Day wishes to all dads

Knee-down liberal

A widely circulated photograph of late shows President Bush clad in short pants and wearing a pair of rubbery black Croc shoes and socks — with his familiar grin, too.

Washington-based radio host Bill Press thought he would have some fun with the photo by holding a “Bush in Crocs” caption contest. Among the more clever submitted by his listeners:

“I am the Decider!”

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