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He took his own life at 9:51 a.m. as police climbing the stairwell closed in, and his body was found in one room among his victims. Police have not said which one.

One family member who toured Norris last week was Virginia Tech professor Bryan Cloyd, whose daughter, Austin, was killed.

“Even though I’ve been in and taught in the building recently, I almost didn’t recognize my own classroom,” Mr. Cloyd said. “It’s changed that much.”

The linoleum floors, off-white with specks of beige, gleamed in brief sunshine that broke through clouds yesterday morning. New fluorescent ceiling lights were on in each room and in the hallway.

Blackboards that had been in the wing of the three-story collegiate gothic structure since it was built in 1960 were replaced with white boards, Mr. Hincker said.

The cinderblock walls in the stairwells at each end of the hallway have a fresh coat of beige paint and new linoleum as well, but the first-floor laboratories under the classrooms are slightly dingy.

Refurbishing of the entire building will continue through the summer, university spokesman Mark Owczarski said.

Ishwar Puri, head of the engineering science and mechanics department based in Norris Hall, asked for work on the rest of the building so the repainted rooms would not be a constant reminder of the attack.

Virginia Tech will spend a little more than $400,000 to refurbish Norris Hall, including replacing asbestos in flooring on all three levels, Mr. Hincker said.